Smoked salt

I’m starting this out with a post about one of my all-time favorite ingredients.

I have been harassed, teased and called obsessed about this particular ingredient. What do I use it in or on?  Well — everything! Since the discovery of this magic substance I may have overused it.  Anything smoked is a winner but with this at your disposal you can make anything have that delicate campy feeling, a little pop for your tastebuds.

Let’s start with the most unique use I’ve found, on pancakes. Not just any pancake: a bacon crumble smoky pancake with maple syrup. Use your favorite GF pancake recipe and when you pour out the batter (I like 1 1/2 inch rounds), sprinkle a pinch of the smoked salt and some crispy bacon crumbles before you flip them over. Cover with butter and syrup and let it surprise you.

Any of your favorite greens deserve to have some smoky love added to them as well: kale, turnip greens, even spinach. Nothing beats a grilled steak, but on those days you don’t want to go out into the blazing heat or five feet of snow for the flavor, smoked salt will come to the rescue: cracked pepper and a dash of smoked salt, and then sear it to perfection.

I keep it on hand all the time, and I even get a little nervous when I’m running low. I like it for the unique flavor that makes people ooh and ahh, but it also takes less than regular salt since it has such a flavor punch. If you have 24 to 30 hours, smoking it yourself is possible, but I’ve tried it, and it’s a messy, time-consuming process.

I have found it available at a few locations: Whole foods in bulk, Fresh Market in the spice isle, and even Amazon has several varieties. I get mine from the good folks at Olive-n-Grape, in New Hope, PA, because I know how much attention they show to their ingredients.  I have seen it in a few grocery stores, also, so just keep an eye out. The most important thing is to check the ingredients, as a few have some possible cross contamination.

I hope you find it to be an enjoyable new taste sensation and find it to be as addictive as i have, mostly because I don’t want to be alone in this.


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