Caramelized Onions

Caramelized sweet yumminess…. Ahhh yes, the wondrous flavor. All the onion varieties have so much to offer. Red, sweet, spring, shallot, and even little green onions. I use them grated, slivered, diced, deep fried, and minced. Forgive the Forest Gump moment; with a restricted GF diet it’s the little things that get me all worked up.

It takes a good 20 minutes to caramelize correctly and get all the natural sugars and flavor to develop fully. I recommend you make extra and freeze some.0420151836-2-2

To start, I thin-slice lots of onion into a skillet with a good drizzle of olive oil over med to med-low heat. Stir regularly until they get golden, sweet, and glossy, then salt and pepper them.

At this stage you can amp them up a bit depending on what they are going into. You can use them as is, for their sweet and savory flavor combination, or add a wide variety of seasonings and/or herbs.

Splash dark rum and 1/4c beef broth (or veggie broth) into the caramelized onion and heat for a few minutes on low to make a great base for any soup or recipe. If you don’t want to add rum, sub 1 teaspoon of molasses and 1/2 teaspoon liquid smoke.

My daughter loves them on GF pizza. She smears cream cheese on a GF crust and layers baked potato wedges, caramelized onions, roasted garlic, and some fresh basil. Bake according to crust directions or, if pre-cooked crust, just till warm and bubbly.

If I’m lucky (or beg and whine), Stephen, my hubby, makes one of my favorite breakfasts on Saturday: omelets stuffed with soft goat cheese, steamed broccoli, and mounds of decadent caramelized onion. If I make them for him, I top the omelets with hollandaise sauce and smoked paprika. Either way is mouthwateringly delish, but I love his better (and not just because it’s less work for me).

From sweet to heat, and healthy too. The sulfur found in an onion is anti-inflammatory, and is said to be helpful for arthritis and autoimmune issues. Onions are among the richest foods in flavonoids, which are chemicals that many say can help with various ailments. A low calorie, source of vitamin C and phytochemicals, onions make a great guilt free, Gluten Free, and delicious addition to recipes.


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